Preparing Your Music For Mixing

I can accept a song to mix in 2 formats: 
24 or 16 bit , 44.1 or 48 K , WAV or AIFF is preferred 
If Audio Files only , All tracks must start from Bar 1 
If Pro Tools , No Plug-ins , No Midi or Instrument tracks , Only Audio Tracks
All Unused files & tracks completely deleted and gone
Please deliver a clean , concise , and organized session 
Print any Plugin Guitar Amps or Midi Instrument Sounds to an Audio track 
If an Effect is an important part of a sound  , please Print It - either on that
main track , or to an additional track with that effect on it , or both.
All Vocals should be already Tuned and Comped to your liking 
All Vocal Breaths are seamless and sound natural 
There are No Bad Edits , or Clicks or Pops in your audio 
If you like, Commit and Print to Stereo Tracks any groups of tracks that you
have determined balances & blends that you love , like 20 Backing Vocals ,
or 6 Keyboards that blend to make up 1 great sound , etc.
If a Stereo Track only contains a mono sound, reduce it to a Mono Track
All Audio Files and Tracks are labeled clearly 
If it applies , include the Click Track , Memory Locations , Bars & Beats 
Specify the Sample Rate & Bit Depth of the Session or Audio Files
PLEASE include a Current Mix of your song 
Each song folder should only contain one song 
ZIP that song folder , then send it to me via ...
Send dot Tresorit dot com  or  WeTransfer dot com 
Looking Forward To A Great Mix